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Review of “The Wealthy Freelancer” by Steve Slaunwhite

13 May

I’m holding a wonderful book in my hands – “The Wealthy Freelancer” by Steve Slaunwhite et al. The name of the book sounded rather pompous to me at first when I saw it on But since I am honestly trying to expand my business, I don’t trust titles any more. I decided to buy it. Anyway, the price was ridiculously low. Why not?

You can never tell when these books will arrive. It took about 20 days. I almost forgot about this order. But when I finally received the book and turned a few pages, I was literally amazed.

Since the time I started to actively devour books on marketing and freelancing, I can tell you that I have not come across anything similar in terms of quality and preciseness. I am sure that this book should be one of the first ones to be obtained by any freelancer. The only odd thing is that you can’t find words “translator” or “translation” in this book. But that doesn’t matter.

First, the book is structured so nicely that you can easily browse chapters or use index to find relevant passages. A lot of books lack this feature. Second, the book is full of practical recommendations and examples you can use right now.

Third, there are several concepts I never heard of before. Do you want to remind your existing clients that you are there to help them? Make up a buzz piece and send it to them. Make sure that this brochure is 5 – 10 pages long, and that it deals with issues crucial to the business of your clients. For example, if your basic clients are translation agencies, you can help them find professional translators using your buzz piece.

Moreover, you have to constantly feed prospects down your marketing funnel. Once you stop, is stream of clients will eventually dry out. This is a very valuable piece of advice a lot of freelancers and translators don’t take seriously. It’s much better to have a lot of clients and reject certain projects that try to pick every job passing you by.

Once you compiled a solid list of prospects manually (people who your service), you will have to build up a library of attractive content you can send these prospects every month – provided that they answered your initial email with your buzz piece.

The author also breaks down marketing activities into four segments of the most and the least effectiveness compared to the time spent on them. They call it the Marketing Effectiveness Matrix. Another interesting concept is the IDEA Matrix for Mindset Mastery – another pompous title. This is to help you “develop the winning mental edge wealthy freelancers possess”.

The next post will be about the book called “The prosperous translator” by Chris Durban.

Have a nice day!