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How can one translator help another?

25 Jul

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last post here. I’m sorry that I was off-line for almost 2,5 months. I had a lot of work to do, much more than I could handle. Now things are better, and I am again back in action with my blog.

This post is about choosing your business model as well as choosing your clients. About a month ago I was approached by a well-established translator in my language pair. I could see his name once or twice on answering questions of less “renowned” translators. I must admit I was impressed by the profile as well as by the website of this person.

In the end we now have perfect partnership, where he sends me translation projects with absolutely clear and easy-to-follow instructions. I’m paid on time, or, to be more precise, instantly. I would say that this person is a direct client of mine, with the only exception – he is a middleman. Still, who cares. I’m absolutely satisfied, and I believe he is satisfied with the quality he gets.

One thing that bothers me is the source of this referral. I am absolutely unaware of the place he found me at. Was it my proz account? Or is it my Twitter account? Website? This is a huge mistake of mine that I didn`t ask him about this source place. I hope I will be able to do this when the next project arrives.

As you see, this is a business model with huge potential. I believe that this is a general picture of me as a translator that led to this choice. I’m quite active when it comes to Twitter or proz forums. My Kudoz activity is now almost 0, since this model seems more and more questionable to me. I think that this visibilityis the real reason this expert contacted me.

Frankly speaking, I wasn`t a great fan of working for other translators in my language pair. It seemed that they can’t provide me with terms I believe I deserve. I was wrong. I admit it. I am now a strong believer in this model, when your visibility at places where translators gather makes your colleagues think you can help them.

Of course the first project will show your expertise (or lack of it). But this is a far more alluring and lucrative way of doing business, compared to working for numerous TAs.