Who am I to educate YOU, or Who is Mr. Kadyrov?


(These two sentences below always sounded rather formal, but no one has invented a better introduction yet)

My name is Vadim Kadyrov (Zaporizhia, Ukraine). I am a native speaker of Russian with 11+ years of professional English/Ukrainian -> Russian translation experience in various fields, with M.A. degree in linguistics and translation studies. I am also one of top 20 English-Russian translators in Ukraine according to PROZ.com.

Well, after 11 years in the industry, I believe I can professionally discuss with you issues related to translation and translators. First, I AM a professional translator in the English-Russian language pair, which is almost as packed with translators as, say, the English-Spanish one (i.e. harsh competition).

But there is another reason why: I have climbed this ladder from the very bottom. I started my career when I was at the university (at 20), and the rates I used to charge then seem now ridiculous. Laughable. (To tell you the truth, a lot of local translators still work for these peanuts). Then slowly, year after year, I was gradually realizing that there were other clusters of clients and/or markets where you can get 10-20 times more. I know what they tell a potential client to get what they want. Just as simple as that. I am going to help you both recognize wrong reasons and see the good ones.

Of course, you have to provide a client with excellent service. But what is more important – you have to stand out. 46 loyal long-term clients of mine THIS IS what helps me stand out. Here they are – http://www.proz.com/wwa/1285040 . I also run a Twitter-based translation industry news agency – https://twitter.com/VadimKadyrov . You can have all them in one place – just follow me using this link. I manually gather news from multiple sources everyday. More than 860 followers start their day reading my tweets.

Of course, you have to market yourself. You have to be not just an expert, you have to be an obvious expert. The obvious expert, if you want. Without marketing, no one will ever notice your talent and the job you do. You will get the rates which I charged 10 years ago. Just as simple as that.

This blog is about quality, added value, premium service.

Feel free to add this blog to your bookmarks. Comments, suggestions or angry outbursts are always welcome!

Feel free to visit my website – http://engrutra.com ,  or my PROZ page – http://www.proz.com/profile/1285040


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